Ja, jag vet. Det var en halv evighet sedan jag skrev här. Men jag har haft mycket att göra! Har försökt anpassa mig till skolan och till det där talfelet danska (förlåt alla danskar därute, de flesta av er är väldigt trevliga, men det är så svårt att höra vad ni säger!), så jag har varit dödstrött när jag kommit hem. Så mycket pysslat har det inte heller blivit. Har spunnit lite vovve till Jannika, men det har jag ingen bild på. Och tvättat ull som jag inte tyckte blev ren.

Och så hittade jag just det här inlägget på ett av forumen på Ravelry:

”So, I went to the signing out in West Chester, PA yesterday. He talked for about 20 minutes and then answered questions for 40. The second-to-last question was asked by a woman with a spindle (not me, oddly 😉 ) who asked why, since they take place on a sheep farm, there were no references to spinning in the Tiffany Aching books. He answered that it was because they were too busy doing other things with the sheep, and sent the wool off to the village to be spun by professional spinners. He carried on (as he typically does) and somehow it came up that not only does he know how to spin, but he owns two spinning wheels. (my boyfriend actually had to physically close my mouth.)

I talked to him about it briefly afterward while he was signing my books. I expressed my delight that he knew how to spin and he looked up and me and said, ”Well, it’s not hard.” Wow, I thought, how lovely to hear that out of someone else’s mouth! He said that he once spun and knit a pair of socks that were so durable that he still has them, a couple decades later. (Apparently they can stand up by themselves). He apparently made his own spindle — a big heavy one — which is his favorite way to spin, and every year the man who tends the sheep that live on his lands gives him a fleece”

Mannen är för cool för att få existera.


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